You Never Show Up Too Late

So here I am lifting up my heart to the one who holds the stars.

Today was my 20th birthday. I’ve been self harming for 10 years. Like every other birthday I was suicidal. While at work all I couldn’t think about was going home to swallow a bottle of pills. Probably Tylenol since most of it would leave my blood stream before doing any real damage to my already horrible liver. I called an Uber to take me home since my car is still in the shop from the accident and when I got in I was presently surprised to say the least. I honestly can’ t remember the song that was playing I just remember the smile that crept across my face as I  belted out the words. It wasn’t one of my favorite songs but it was what I needed to hear. It reminded me that God is still with me. He’s here. He’s just waiting for me to come to Him.

I thank God for allowing me to live another year. I pray that He helps me focus the remaining years I have on Him and spreading His word. He’s very real and He loves all of us.


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